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SIP Workshops

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Defining a clear and actionable net zero or decarbonisation strategy can be challenging. Besides questions revolving around the „right“ decarbonisation technologies, continours regulatory development and lacking accounting standards add furhter points of consideration.


Our SIP Workshops aim to align internal stakeholders and establish a common ground for further strategy decisions. A common understanding incorporates insights towards the regulatory framework, technological developments, potential of new business models and their economic as well as social implications. 


The SIP Workshops can be held in singular or multiple sessions. The structure of the workshops forsees three different stages. The first stage focuses on identifying the largest potential for decarbonisation, both in terms of emissions and economic value.  The second stage focuses on identifying appropriate decarbonisation technologies with a technological readiness level of five or above, targeting the previously defined areas of decatrbonisation potential. The final layer combines the insights gained from Stage 1 and 2 to form a decarbonisation strategy that aligns well with the overall corporate / investment / or national strategy. 

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The 3 Stages of SIP Workshops

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