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SIP Framework

The SIP Framework establishes actionable net zero strategies by building upon qualitative futures foresight scenarios and the quantitative modelling of technological decarbonisation pathways.

The framework was designed for companies, investors and policy makers to make informed investment decisions on sustainable innovation technologies and thereby guide their decarbonisation strategies.

We designed the framework to be applicable and usable for three main stakeholders:

Companies needing to decarbonise and transform their business

Investors and investment analysts wanting to account the quantified impact of investments in decarbonisation innovation technologies in their valuation models.

Governments and policy makers aiming to provide net zero funding in a more efficient way and monitor the effectiveness of their policies.

A key feature of the SIP Framework is its unique combination of qualitative future foresight scenarios with quantitative pathway anaylsis, while considering the technological readiness level of innovation technologies. 

The SIP Framework is able to account for the richness of the many possible future net zero worlds while considering alternative approaches and therefore avoiding the danger of single point forecasts.

The combination of the approaches creates a three-dimensional model that is capable of considering and analysing the interdependencies between industries.

By considering various innovation technologies and their interdependencies, the strategy forming also shows the innovative uptake of technologies.

The SIP Framework also includes various regulatory and legislative factors in its consideration of implementation challenges and solution approaches. 


Access the full report here:

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